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Linear Amplifiers: LA 2000 Gen 2
Motion Control Systems' linear amplifiers are high performance servo controllers that produce very smooth sinusoidal motor currents using a linear amplifier output stage. In combination with a sinusoidally wound MCS brushless motor, the linear amplifier can achieve extremely precise rotational control with less than 1% torque ripple, no acoustic noise and almost undetectable levels of electromagnetic interference. Standard programmable features allow greater design flexibility, easy installation and start-up.

SA10000X SA X-Series PWM Amplifiers
MCS high power brushless motor drives combine high bandwidth with high current for demanding direct drive applications up to 100KVA. Backward compatibility with all MCS drives..

Linear Amplifiers: OEM Drives
MCS open-frame linear amplifiers pack essential servo amplifier features into a small, high-value package.

PWM Brushless Servo Drives: AX Series
The AX is a high performance analog drive that is designed for a variety of direct axis and spindle drives applications. Flexible interface, digital set-up and configuration.

PWM Brushless Servo Drives: AX HV Series
With the introduction of higher-voltage drives, the AX series features are available in amplifiers rated up to 200kVA.

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