Engineering Services and Product Assistance

Unsure? Let our application engineers assist you.
  • Using MCS's proprietary magnetic circuits and high-energy magnets, our engineers have created a motor line that combines high power density with smooth, highly reliable performance
  • Exceptional efficiency can be achieved to minimize heating and maximize continuous power rating.
  • By varying the lengths of the lamination and magnetic circuits, a single frame size can handle a wide range of applicatons.
Advantages of the MCS line of brushless DC motors
21 standard frame sizes from 1" diameter to 39" diameter
All motors are available frameless or custom housed
Special designs outside this range are possible
When complemented with MCS linear or PWM amplifier, servo performance is achieved at torques of 10oz-in to over 40,000 lbs-ft with speeds as high as 100,000 rpm
Precise speed control better than one part per million
Torque ripple below one percent
Applications assistance is available for motor sizing and integration into machines

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