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The LA2000 series of linear amplifiers represents a dramatic breakthrough in industrial technology. All models have a frequency lock loop speed control, along with programmable torque and acceleration.
All models feature an RS232 interface which provides diagnostic and configuration abilities and can be configured via setup commands to operate with a variety of different motor and encoder combinations.
Model 62
Combining a smaller package with the features of the popular model 61, the model 62 represents a significant advantage to OEMs concerned about cabinet space. All connectors on the model 62 are mounted on one face in order to minimize the amount of space needed for cables. Along with RS232 control, the model 62 also has an analog velocity and torque mode and TTL inputs for enable, direction and external frequency.

LA2000 Features

  • Stand alone or Computer Control
  • User Selectable interfaces
  • Frequency lock loop for ultra precise speed control
  • Compact or 19 inch rack mount options

Performance and Characteristics

Amplifier Performance Model 62
Input Power
Standard115/230 or 100/200 VAC
Peak Output Rating (MAX)
Peak Current (25% duty) 10 Amps
Peak Power (25% duty) 700 VA
Continuous Current 4 Amps
Bus Voltage (Nominal) 75 Volts
General Specifications (Typical)
Bandwidth 4 KHz
Gain 1000 Amps/Volt
Speed Range 0 to 30,000 RPM (Motor dependent)
Speed Regulation 0.0001% (encoder dependent)
Interfaces RS232, analogue torque mode, TTL inputs
Encoder Outputs A,B or I (configurable in software) 50 ohm
Packaging Compact cabinet mount

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